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American scientists and researchers have made significant contributions to the advancement of man. Many non-Americans have taken advanced learning in the US to the benefit of world science and technology.

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Scientific Heroes

The world is indebted to heroes who work alone or in groups to discover, invent, or design advancements for mankind. Projects may be years in the making and take extreme dedication and effort sometimes to the detriment of an individual's personal life. The very existence of plant and animal life, including humans, are very much dependent on the science community.

Scientists face huge problems in the world today to overcome global warming and its effects. Many science heros are working in a combined effort to try to make the world understand the dangers of various types of pollution to earth's environment. They would prefer the countries of the world to make peace and, hence, protect the future of our children and grandchildren.

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Neil Armstrong Photo
Neil Armstrong
Elizabeth Blackwell Photo
Elizabeth Blackwell
George Washington Carver Picture
George W. Carver
Richard Axel Photo
Charles Drew
Christine Darden Photo
Christine Darden

Thomas Edison Photo
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein Photo
Albert Einstein
Buckminster Fuller Photo
Buckminster Fuller
Christa McAuliffe Picture
Christa McAuliffe
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Barbara McClintock Photo
Barbara McClintock

American scientists have made important contributions to society over the years. Credit must be given to the many American companies and universities who have made Research and Development a high priority and thus employed scientists. This factor along with the support given by governments has helped United States lead the world to many scientific achievements. Scientists know that invention is fundamental to future advancement for the world and R&D is a must for this to occur.

Robert Oppenheimer Photo
Robert Oppenheimer
Carl Sagan Photo
Carl Sagan
Jonas Salk Photo
Jonas Salk
James Watson Photo
James Watson
Carl Wieman Picture
Carl Wieman

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