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Most Americans desire a world of peace. There's far too many battles on our planet taking money and effort away from the lives of ordinary people around the world. Peace and love are the only ways to a better life for our children.

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"Ordinary" Heroes

USA Hero is undergoing an update and the heroes found in the "Ordinary" category will be moved to the various other categories. It is becoming difficult to add heroes in the Ordinary page as really most heroes start out very much as ordinary people.

These heroes are people who were placed in situations whereby they were called upon to excel to the point of heroic stages in their work. They range in all types of backgrounds and occupations. A common trait is they gave of themselves to the point they made a significant difference to someone in our society in one way or another. Often envied for their personalities, they were able to reach out and influence those who might be characterized as just "ordinary" people. Most people can be classified as ordinary because they tend to overlook things they do that are admired by others.

There are many individuals who come from ordinary backgrounds and often prove to be unexpected heroes. Many who we call heroes when they actually save a life say they only did what anyone would do. That may be the case but somehow a spark goes off telling them to take action, and they do.

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Bob Barker Picture
Bob Barker
George Washington Carver Picture
George W. Carver
Ray Croc Picture
Ray Kroc
Billy Graham Picture
Billy Graham
Christa McAuliffe Picture
Christa McAuliffe

Dolly Parton Picture
Dolly Parton
Ed Sullivan Picture
Ed Sullivan
Harriet Tubman Picture
Harriet Tubman
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John Wayne
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Carl Wieman
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